"A Little Taste of Home"

Our food philosophy is a delicious reflection of our love of history. Just as we can’t bake cornbread without thinking of the fathers and grandmothers who taught us how, we can’t gather around the dinner table without remembering the sacrifices of those who have built, protected, and changed our communities.

The main floor dining room of 417 honors the WWII era and celebrates many of the heroes, both military and civilian, who dedicated their lives to win the war and rebuild our nation after its end.

The upstairs dining room remembers the American Civil War with an emphasis on the battles of Nashville and Franklin.

The 417 family believes that in order to love and serve our communities today, we need to learn from the triumphs and trials of our past. Through our food, service, and the curation of our historical space, we strive to make our restaurant a place where our customers can find their place in the story of Nashville. We especially cherish the several artifacts donated by customers, whose relatives served our nation in wartime.

 We invite you to join our family, starting with a great meal.

We do not accept reservations on Saturdays & Sundays 9:15 am  - 1:30 pm without a room fee. If there is a wait list going, call once you are on your way and we will happily add you to our wait list, if there is currently a wait time for a table. Please specify if you need downstairs or want upstairs if applicable.  

For Reservations call 615 401.7241 
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For large parties or if Open Table does not have the reservation time you want, please call us directly.